Driving Efficiency and Sustainability Through Intelligent Outsource Manufacturing



In today’s rapidly evolving market, the efficiency of supply chains has become paramount. Amidst global logistics complexities and fluctuating demands, the quest for enhanced operational efficiency through “intelligent” outsourced manufacturing has never been more critical. As manufacturers face these challenges, adopting digital transformation strategies emerges as a vital solution. As Gartner’s 2024 predictions underscore, the future of supply chain resilience and efficiency hinges on the strategic deployment of intelligent solutions. These advanced technologies promise to adapt and thrive in the face of modern supply chain dynamics, offering hope for industries grappling with the dual demands of speed and precision in supply chain decision-making.

At the heart of this transformation is the quest for enhanced decision-making capabilities—where speed, quality, and robustness become the pillars upon which the future of supply chain management rests. The dynamic nature of today’s supply chains requires more than just reactive strategies; it demands predictive foresight and proactive interventions. 

Data-Driven Decisions: Turning Tooling Insights into Actions

34% of respondents prioritized faster, better decision-making as a critical goal for new technology investments.

In the current market, we see increased manufacturing complexities, shortened timelines for new product introductions, and reduced production volumes. A supplier’s ability to swiftly adapt to changes, whether due to internal issues or external pressures, is vital. For instance, if tooling starts to fail, manufacturers must be capable of making instant on-floor adjustments to sustain production success. Recognizing this, some leading Fortune 500 companies have already begun to digitize their outsourced tooling, incorporating sensors and leveraging data analytics to enhance their competitive advantage and operational resilience.

This shift towards digitalization and the need for agility in manufacturing set the stage for a strategic partnership between an automotive industry leader and eMoldino. Facing opaque operations with its suppliers which led to inefficiencies and delays, the automotive giant partnered with eMoldino for an IoT technology tooling management solution, enhancing visibility and enabling proactive decision-making with real-time data. Implementing the strategy in phases facilitated both manageable evaluation and broader application. This approach led to significant improvements: a 17% reduction in unplanned downtime, an 8% increase in production performance, and 100% adherence to preventive maintenance schedules, effectively showcasing the predictive efficiency of the system.

Despite this advancement, many still need to fully leverage the vast amounts of data their tooling generates, missing out on significant potential value. Integrating tooling digitalization solutions enhances smart outsourced manufacturing by allowing real-time data processing directly at the tooling level, providing continuous visibility into the production process. This direct approach fosters a streamlined and efficient exchange of information, enabling a more responsive and adaptive manufacturing environment. By facilitating this level of integration and communication, the solution bridges the gap between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers.

This connection ensures that both OEMs and suppliers are consistently aligned on production goals, quality standards, and delivery timelines, significantly improving the efficiency of the supply chain. The shared visibility into manufacturing operations helps both parties to preemptively address potential late parts delivery issues, adjust to changes in demand, and maintain high levels of quality control. As a result, this collaboration leads to a more synchronized and effective production process, bolstering the ability to meet and exceed productivity targets without the need for traditional management frameworks.

Leveraging Intelligence for Manufacturing Efficiency

In an era where digital transformation dictates the pace of advancements in the manufacturing sector, tooling digitalization emerges as an essential solution to redefine the operational dynamics of supply chains. This transformation is driven by the need for intelligence in decision-making processes, a factor underscored by Gartner’s 2024 predictions, highlighting emerging technologies’ crucial role in adapting to the complexities of modern supply chains. Integrating intelligent solutions becomes paramount, and many businesses strive to enhance their decision-making capabilities through technology.

At the heart of eMoldino’s innovation is the smart use of tooling historical data. This data helps clients predict outcomes for similar tooling which collectively works towards enabling a predictive manufacturing environment. By foreseeing potential issues with tooling and making proactive adjustments, eMoldino significantly reduces waste of resources and enhances the effectiveness of managing tooling performance. This efficient tooling management and predictive maintenance decrease the need for frequent capital investments in new tooling, aligning to lower emissions and minimize operational waste.

The solution’s strength lies in its comprehensive data infrastructure, which promotes traceability for accurate root cause analysis and seamlessly merges with existing manufacturing setups, including legacy systems. This integration fosters an intelligent operational environment that champions visibility in production lines, aligning with manufacturers’ aspirations for quality and throughput from production’s inception.

eMoldino’s tooling and production process improvements
minimize the need for extensive transportation and distribution. By optimizing tooling replacement planning and aligning procurement with actual usage, we reduce the frequency of urgent shipments. Additionally, the technology’s remote and digital auditing features significantly reduced the need for physical transportation and supplier visits, aiding in emission reduction.

Incorporating eMoldino’s tooling digitalization within the broader spectrum of the supply chain ecosystem exemplifies a proactive response to the shifting paradigms of manufacturing and supply chain management. This initiative resonates with Gartner’s insights on the indispensability of digital transformation and intelligent solutions in cultivating operational efficiency, accelerating decision-making, enhancing supply chain resilience, and advancing sustainability outcomes for global OEMs. Through this lens, eMoldino’s tooling digitalization solution addresses the current demands of the manufacturing sector and charts a course for future readiness, underscoring the essence of intelligence in driving efficiency.

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