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eMoldino is the front runner in manufacturing and supply chain management powered by tooling digitalization. Rely on our experienced team and get results within a few weeks!



Why eMoldino?

eMoldino is proud to introduce the industry’s first wireless IoT sensor, revolutionizing how tooling data is collected, analyzed, and processed. After years of extensive research and development, our wireless digital tooling sensor and cloud-based data analytics system are now available to OEMs worldwide.

Today, with a growing roster of esteemed clients including Dyson, Nestlé, and L’Oréal, eMoldino has become a benchmark for global manufacturers. Our commitment to delivering quality service and consumer excellence remains unwavering.

With on-site support available worldwide and dedicated teams for implementation and installation, we strive to redefine manufacturers’ approach to their business. Join us on this journey, as we shape the future of the industry.


Embracing Innovation and Driving
ESG Achievements for Global OEMs



Energy Efficiency: IoT technology for improved tooling performance, reducing energy use and carbon footprint.

Resource Efficiency: Optimized tooling lifecycle and waste reduction in operations, lowering emissions and capital investments.

Sustainable Tooling Management: Preventive maintenance extends tooling life, reduces costs, and increases asset efficiency.

Transport & Distribution: Streamlines tooling and production, improves replacement planning, and enables digital auditing, reducing urgent shipments and physical transportation needs.



Enhance operational efficiency, reduce GHG emissions and waste, and improve environmental and community impact.

Monitors supplier practices for ethical and compliance levels, enhancing supply chain sustainability and transparency.






Energy Efficiency: IoT technology for improved tooling performance, reducing energy use and carbon footprint.

Responsible Technology: Adherence to responsible data management and GDPR compliance builds client trust and aligns with industry best practices.

Transparency and Reporting: Real-time data access on tooling performance and maintenance, coupled with active stakeholder engagement, ensures continuous platform improvement and transparency.



Mission & Core Values

eMoldino aims to digitalize, streamline, and transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations. We help global manufacturers who want to drive corporate innovation while maintaining the core values of collaboration and sustainability.

Collaboration and communication between OEMs, suppliers, and toolmakers are at the heart of our solution, and we strive to deliver value to all stakeholders in your supply chain.

By enabling you to use your manufacturing assets efficiently and effectively, and by reducing scrap rates and increasing the quality of your parts, eMoldino promotes sustainability throughout your manufacturing operations.


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