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The eMoldino Platform

A one-stop digital platform that monitors, processes and transfigures tooling production data into meaningful insights and real time visibility.


An industrial, wireless IoT sensor that both collects and transmits production data to provide in-depth analytics.

Learn more about the eMoldino IoT Sensor >>


A cloud-based platform that integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to promote optimal asset management, quality parts production, and supply chain resiliency.

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Our Area

Completely Wireless

No cable attached with 1km tracking range

Data Security

Advanced data encryption & transmission

Condition Monitoring

Monitor your tool health status live


Waterproof, vibration & high heat tolerance


5-6 years battery life with replaceable battery

Tamper Proof

Prevent unintended sensor removal and/or data manipulation

Online Monitoring

Shot count, cycle time, uptime, location, utilization rate & maintenance

Quality Guaranteed

5 years of R&D with Samsung Electronics

Clients We Work With

  • Nestle
  • P&G
  • samsung
  • dyson
  • loreal
  • Samsung Case Study

    Samsung Electronics wanted a definitive answer to their lack of visibility over its globe-spanning supply chain and tooling

  • HP Business Case Study

    HP recognized eMoldino's value in evaluating their outsourced manufacturing with total clarity in their supplier performance.

  • Dyson Case Study

    On account of low visibility within their extended network of suppliers, Dyson found it difficult to perform precise quality management activities.


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