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DevOps Engineer


As a DevOps Engineer, you will work closely with senior development teams, project managers, and data analysts to develop and maintain key internal and customer-facing applications. You will be responsible for designing and implementing continuous integration and deployment pipelines, automating infrastructure deployment and scaling, and enhancing system security.


  • Managing AWS cloud resources.
  • Continuous integration and deployment of systems and infrastructure.
  • Managing and maintaining Kubernetes clusters in a production environment, ensuring high availability, scalability, and reliability.
  • Monitoring system performance and troubleshooting issues.
  • Implementing Kubernetes security best practices, including RBAC, network policies, and pod security policies.
  • Researching industry best practices and new technologies to continuously improve the DevOps environment.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in DevOps or related architect roles.
  • Strong proficiency in DevOps-related technologies (see below).
  • CI/CD: Code pipelines, Jenkins, or Github Actions, etc.
  • Provisioning: CloudFormation or Terraform, etc.
  • Container Orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Monitoring: Grafana or Prometheus, etc.
  • Logging and configuration management tools.
  • Knowledge of enterprise systems, networking, security, and system integration.
  • Practical experience in operating databases (MySQL, etc.).

Preferred Skills 

Candidates with the following experience are preferred:

  • Handling large-scale data operations.
  • Developing and operating cloud-based services using AWS or similar platforms.
  • Experience or a high level of understanding of Micro Service Architecture (MSA) and Event Driven Architecture (EDA) or related technologies.
  • Building and operating Kubernetes-based systems.
  • Experience with supply chain management solutions (SCM), smart factory systems, equipment and mold management, and enterprise software.
  • Strong interest in enterprise software.
  • Fluent in spoken Korean and English to communicate with the team
  • Degree in Computer Science or a related field.
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