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Data Scientist

SEOUL, KR Entry-Level

eMoldino is looking for a Data Scientist to help process advanced analytics on our platform. You will work closely with the Solution Team and across functional teams to accomplish diverse business objectives. Your primary focus will be to process and develop algorithm models to drive  business value for our users. We are looking for someone who can come in and make an impact through hands-on learning experience as part of the Solution Team, working with our experienced software engineers. 



  • Analyze existing data to develop metrics and trends to enhance knowledge and capture value of data. 
  • Collect dynamic and static data
  • Source missing data and enhance data collection process
  • Build predictive models and machine learning algorithms
  • Generate business insights from data sets
  • Develop, maintain and implement data base
  • Create visualizations of data
  • Liaise with fellow analysts and senior stakeholders to drive informed business decisions

Required Qualifications

  • Strong mathematical and numerical skills
  • Knowledge of programming language such as SQL, Python, R, or Scala
  • Strong analytical skills to identify trends, patterns, and insights from data
  • Working knowledge of statistics
  • Strong communication skills to explain complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand
  • Ability to collaborate with team members with different backgrounds
  • Experience with machine learning and AI
  • BS/BA in Computer Science or equivalent relevant experience
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