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Our Story

In collaboration with Samsung Electronics, eMoldino has co-developed the industry’s first wireless IoT sensor that collects, analyzes, and processes tooling data. After years of extensive research and development, our wireless digital mold counter and automated tooling data analytics system was later introduced in 2017.

The industrial IoT device is part of a bigger-picture solution that has disruptive implications within the manufacturing and production sector. Our software crunches and correlates structured data with the ability to learn, reason, and deliver prescriptive advice in tooling supply chain management as well as supplier development.

Today, eMoldino serves as a benchmark for global manufacturers including Dyson, Nestle, and L’Oreal. We aim to provide clients with both quality service and consumer excellence.

Join us on our journey to setting new industry standards and revolutionizing the global supply chain!

Our Vision

Promote overall supply chain resiliency and facilitate collaboration between OEMs and suppliers through data-driven processes.

Our Mission

At eMoldino, we help companies accelerate their supply chain digital transformation through connective technology. Our mission is to help global manufacturers reshape supply chain management, driving true corporate innovation and bringing customer experience into a cycle.

By combining real-time visibility and AI-powered forward intelligence, we deliver agility and resilience to the supply chain, empowering companies in times of disruptions. We endlessly strive towards serving our clients to establish the optimal business practices / model, so they can make the best decision for their stakeholders.

Take the next step forward with eMoldino.


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