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From Brushes to Bytes: O Boticário’s Digital Journey Towards Efficient Manufacturing

Updated: 2023-05-24

To succeed in the rapidly changing cosmetics industry, manufacturers must stay ahead of trends and manage production and tooling assets on a daily basis. This is complex and has led to a search for more efficiency throughout the tooling supply chain, from toolmaker to OEM.

eMoldino, an innnovative solution provider has revolutionized tooling asset management and production monitoring for Boticario and its outsourced partners. Discover how their Digitalization Solution has transformed Grupo Boticario's tooling asset and production process management.

eMoldino's Tooling Digitalization has made asset identification and management faster and more efficient for Grupo Boticario. By creating a single platform for OEMs, suppliers, and toolmakers, communication is quick and effective throughout the manufacturing process, from tooling creation to decommissioning.

Increased transparency throughout the production cycle enables precise tracking of toolings across multiple sites, maintenance records, and real-time visibility of asset usage and capacity allocation for demand planning. This eliminates the need for onsite visits and reduces resources spent on auditing processes.

Scalability being one of the key benefits of eMoldino's solution, implementing this system on a wider number of toolings has significantly reduced Boticario's tooling asset management costs which can account for up to 8% of a company's overall operational expenses in the cosmetics industry, while also improving their production monitoring capabilities. This is thanks to features such as automated scheduling and timely maintenance alerts, which allow the users to track down and focus on toolings that require attention quickly efficiently before they break down. Ensuring continuous and well-planned production is one key factor in reducing high costs throughout the manufacturing industry, with one hour of unexpected downtime quickly amassing hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs to each manufacturer.

The eMoldino system successfully combats this misallocated overhead through detailed analytics and reports that provide a comprehensive overview of the state of their assets - from usage and location to maintenance - allowing them to make informed decisions in real-time. From the OEMs' perspective, this allows them to identify areas of improvement and allocate resources accordingly for maximum efficiency, thus reducing possible friction points before they occur. On the suppliers' side, additional insights into their manufacturing operations can be gained without necessitating additional systems to be installed.

This collaborative effort serves as the cirtical differentiator between eMoldino's solution and more traditional, per-factory-focused systems. By bringing in every party involved, the data gained can be leveraged to further improve the manufacturing process from the initial procurement of the tooling right until its end-of-life cycle when it will have to be scrapped.

All this otherwise difficult or impossible-to-obtain data is now easily accessible to every user on Boticario's platform, making the transfer of information and decision-making effortless and secure. Rather than relying on multiple sources of information, it is now possible to get the right data whenever and whereever, without requiring tedious double-checking.

Overall, eMoldino's Tooling Digitalization solution has revolutionized the way Grupo Boticario goes about its tooling asset management and production monitoring. This innovative system provides enhanced visibility into asset usage, detailed analytics for actionable insights, and automated scheduling to ensure the timely maintenance of toolings. By leveraging this technology, Grupo Boticario, and its suppliers can stay competitive in the ever-evolving cosmetics industry while continuing to provide quality products at reasonable prices. With such a powerful tool under their belt, manufacturers like Grupo Boticario are sure to be successful for many years to come.

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